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The secure way to RECOVER your data

Working quickly, honestly and effectively, London Data Recovery has managed to become a Data Recovery Service that many people know and respect.
Our team handles every job with the skills and experience that exceeds customer expectations. All we want is for our customers to be satisfied with the work done. For this reason, we do not neglect to keep communication channels open from the beginning to the end of each project. If it is possible to recover your data, we will do our best for you and try to achieve the best possible result.

London Data Recovery By Number

Everything is clear

When you choose to work with us, you can take advantage of features that you may not have the opportunity to access elsewhere. We can never be satisfied with a situation that our customers are not satisfied with, and we use the features you will see below to eliminate this risk.

Quality service

We make an extraordinary effort to show our customers that they can do their jobs best with us, and we guarantee their satisfaction with the privileges provided by the features we offer. You can continue reading for more, and if you have any questions, you can consult us.

High Tech

We are proud to stand out with the extra features we provide as well as the quality of our service. When the professional resources of our business come together with our experienced team providing service, it creates a beneficial environment for our customers. 

Who are we
How it works



Contact & Diagnose

Send your media and a specialist will reach out to you after diagnose

  • Ensure that your device is securely packaged

  • Fill the shipping form and send it with your device.

  • Send us your device package using a prepaid DPD service to ensure its security.


File Recovery Review

We'll send you a quotation with a fixed price and an online file directory.

  • Upon receiving your device, we'll email you a unique ID and determine the issue.

  • After identifying the problem and founding a solution, we'll send you a list of recoverable files.

  • If we are unable to recover your data, we'll return your drive to you via a secure method.


Get Your Data Back

We'll recover your data and we'll transfer all of the recovered data to a new device.

  • After receiving the payment, we'll return your data using a secure next-day delivery service.

  • We'll create a copy of your data for seven days in case there are any follow-up questions. After that, we'll securely delete it.

  • We'll hold onto a copy of your data for seven days in case there are any follow-up questions. After that, we'll securely delete it.

Devices Covered

"The smartest service for recovery

  • Hard Drive

  • ATA Security

  • Buffalo

  • Database

  • Deleted Data

  • Drobo

  • SQL Server

  • EXT2

  • EXT3

  • External Drive

  • HFS

  • Hitachi

  • LaCie

  • Digital HDD

  • Laptop

  • Mac

  • NAS

  • Oracle

  • RAID

  • SA Failure

  • Virtualisation

  • SAN

  • Seagate HDD

  • Seagate SSHD

  • Self

  • Encrypting

  • Drive

  • Server

  • SSD

  • Toshiba Drive

  • Western

  • Digital

  • Passport

  • Western

  • Digital SED

  • Western

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